Welcome to Messy Leadership,

If you’ve been a school leader, or just watched one at work, you’ll know leadership can be messy. Problems come in all shapes and sizes: so do solutions. There are no ‘one size fits all’ answers.

Messy Leadership training accepts this and works with it.

You have learnt skills in all areas of your life, not just at work – we help you bring those experiences together and apply them to your teaching and leadership work. You will become:

  • more resilient
  • more flexible
  • more creative

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I hope we’ll work together and learn from each other in the future!

Nicole Fowles


Conquer your doubts and face your challenges with confidential coaching and mentoring.

Give yourself the things you need most: space and time to think.


Bring staff together and forge new ways of working.

Improve well-being in your leadership team.

Transform meetings and presentations, making them shorter and more constructive.


Improve a specific area (with a focus on ‘Quality of Education’) with workshops that bring together staff from multiple schools and trusts.

Find effective ways to explore and improve curriculum, behaviour, SEND issues and more, using fresh thinking.

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